Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect weather

This perfect weather has kept me outside and away from the computer. Fenella is home for about four weeks from University where she is studying Veterinay Science. They have just had exams. She has a whole heap of ponies booked in to be broken or educated which will keep her busy plus give her some much needed money.
I also have one of Fenella's fellow Uni students 'Sky' here doing her horse placement. Poor Sky drew the short straw as we are gutting stables this week.
Fern has been loving the extra attention but is proving to be a bit willful because of it. I have put her back on the lead which seems to be working and her focus is coming back on me again. She is asleep at my feet as I type away.
The photo's below are of the last few days.
frosty mornings & cobwebs

minimal wind equals great reflections


more reflections

using AI the cows are busy jumping letting us know they are ready to be mated

Fenella riding her Welsh Cob Stallion after a 4 month break

Rivington Ascot
A young Welsh Mountain stallion

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