Sunday, September 11, 2011

Royal Adelaide Show

Another great Show with the ponies. Rivington Windchime was the first to compete and was 2nd in a very strong Novice Show Hunter pony class. Rivington Nina at aged 16 was 3rd for her owners in the same class. Nina also placed in her Open class. Rivington Royal Hiccup was called 1st in her Open for a workout error putting her 3rd and in the Childs she did one better with 2nd. Rivington Rock Star didn't place but did his very young rider proud getting a call in the Open. Harness ponies R Lightheart and R Northstream were both winners and R Telinor a place getter in all his classes.
A very cute moment...two very well know ponies (Bamborough Special Girl & Rivington Royal Hiccup) and young riders (Dazi Plumb & Victoria Fricker). I managed to catch them bumping bottoms in the lineup..

R Royal Hiccup

R Lightheart aged 25 winning the obstacle race

R Windchime

R Nina

R Rock Star

Rivington Sun Chance

Chance had a photo shoot as he is for sale (pity we can't keep them all). He was filthy, hairy and needed a trim but then it is winter and he's enjoying being a bog pony. Chance was born while I was away at the 2008 Royal Adelaide Show. His dam didn't mother him and he consequently didn't get any much needed colostrum. My husband had a battle on his hands to get Chance's dam to accept him and after a few anxious days she did. The next battle was to keep Chance healthy so he and his dam were locked up away from any other ponies. He is one tough pony and went on to win Best Welsh Foal (7mths), Best Foal Futurity (2yr old) and Supreme Welsh B and Best Welsh Exhibit at the 2011 Welsh Youngstock Show.

Another foal...this time a filly!

My daughter Isabelle was very pleased to meet her beautiful filly foal born 27/8/11. Belle has named her Rivington Topsy Turvy.
While doing the feeds our Welsh Cob Stallion Pen-nant Primetime was strutting his stuff and the other pony is one who has come home from being on lease. Her name is Rivington Lily and Belle and I think she may have the goods to make a top Show Hunter pony.....time will tell!

R Topsy Turvy

Isabelle & R Topsy Turvy

Welsh Cob Stallion Pen-nant Primetime

Welsh Cob Stallion Pen-nant Primetime

R Lily

R Lily

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mason & Beethoven

Mason is my 2yr old great nephew and Beethoven is a Welsh Mountain Stallion, one of the stud's latest aquisitions. They are both absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist a photo shoot of them together.

1. Beethoven: please give me some grass. Mason: No!

2. Beethoven: If you don't I'll bonk you on the head!

3. Beethoven: I told you I'd bonk you on the head!!!

4. Mason: Ok then here's some grass!

bits & pieces

I thought I would add some photo's from around the farm and the obligatory 'Fern' photo. They were taken over the last month and I have only got around to editing some of them.

garden in winter

Rivington Ellonwy a Welsh Mountain filly

My 3yr old niece Milly on 20yr old Rivington Harriet

Our first foal

Tiger snake....eek!!

This tiger snake was out early enjoying some August sun.

My husband stirred him up a little.......

He quickly disappeared afterwards.

Imperial Pippa thinks having a foal is a bit of a yawn!
This is one of the bulls keeping me up all night with his bellowing!!!
Imperial Aden

Rivington Spring Rain the sire of the new foal.

ESA Pre Royal Show

21/8/11 First Show for the season so off Isabelle and I went with Rivington Windchime (Charlie) for the Hunter classes and Rivington Hurrah to be measured. Isabelle was riding for Corumbene Stud so after working Charlie, Emily took over. Charlie and Emily won both classes and Champion. I rode Charlie in her first Working Hunter class for a win and Isabelle rode Corumbene's galloway to Champion as well as their big pony also Champion.
Hurrah was measured and our little Lead Rein jockey, Izabelle had a practise on her during the lunch break. They were practising for Horse of the Year in October which a win or runner-up qualifies for Nationals  held in Victoria in December.
A very good first show with Royal Adelaide Show our next.
Charlie & Emily

Isabelle & Corumbene Classic


My youngest son Harry wanted a Boxer and my motto is if you want a pure-bred dog buy from the best! After some research on the Internet a stud in WA was found to be the number 1 breeder of boxers in Australia. They were also highly recommended by a top stud here in SA and I was informed they just happened to have lots of puppies.
I rang the breeder and yes a male puppy was available and would be on the next available flight.
A few days later my mother and I were off to the airport to pick him up.
Harry has named him Dexter, such a beautiful boy!

Fern meets Dexter

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Catching up

Things have got busy and my blog has been neglected, time to catch up on the last month!
25/7 to 27/7/11 Imperial Stud/Weston Pk Stud/Nattai River Stud/ Indi Stud. Mum and I travelled to Victoria to deliver Imperial Angelo back to Mark Bullen and Rivington Tiara to Daniel Harvey. While we were there we toured some studs and bought home Imperial Aden (2yr old Welsh B colt) and Imperial Beethoven (WM Stallion). We had a fabulous time and Mark's new house and property is just stunning as are his ponies.
Imperial Aden

Daniel Harvey & very elderly donkey

Imperial Mariah

Imperial Matisse

Trentlyn Marnie

Imperial Boston

Weston Park Stud was our next port of call. Unfortunately Janet was overseas but Dick kindly showed us the ponies. A beautiful property and lovely ponies and garden.
Eyarth Sama imp

Weston Park Popeye


Weston Pk cats

Nattai River Stud was a very quick visit and again some lovely ponies. Gary Le Broq kindly showed Daniel and I the ponies.

At Indi Stud we were greeted by the ever exuberant Mark Brown on top of a hill lunging a Welsh Cob colt. Another lovely property with stunning views and ponies.
Imported C Stallion

Mark lunging a D colt

Stunning views

Imported D Stallion

Section C mare