Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blowing in the wind

I play defence in netball and on Saturday we played in windy cold conditions to be up all game and end it in a draw...very disappointing but better than a loss!
Sunday was again windy and cold. Rivington Rowena went off to her new home in the morning. Very sad to see her go but her new family are lovely and I'm sure she will be loved and well looked after. I had just sat down to lunch when the phone rang. A group of people wanting to be shown around the stud and the weather was deteriorating! They duly arrive and ask to see the Welsh Mountain Stallions and any ne14hh ponies we might have for sale. By this stage the weather has turned to gale force winds and freezing temperatures. I drive them to see the pony for sale and while they all shiver I suggest they check the website for stallions available. Yes they agree and jump back into their warm car and drive away! I feel it may have been a wasted afternoon but you never know.
Yesterday was very very wet and windy! Fern and I did our jobs and were back inside by the fire by mid morning. There we stayed until the afternoon were due to be done.
Today was another very windy day but the sun chose to shine for most of it. Fern and I did the rounds and I managed to fill another stable with shavings. Photo's are from today.


Rivington Hurrah in being prepared for the coming show season

One of the Welsh B mares with her mane & fore lock blowing in the wind

A Welsh Mountain mare with that blown away look

One of the B mares enjoying the sun despite the wind

Ducks on a windy dam

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