Friday, July 8, 2011

The good & the bad

Love my hairdresser! Two hours of just sitting and being pampered was bliss made the one and a half hour drive home worth it. That was yesterday!
Today started as per usual other than putting the weanling colt Nev out in the paddock (see photo's). Fern and I then started our rounds and were half way around when we came across the burnt out remains of a car. Stupid ferals had bogged it before torching it on the side of the road. We have young fillies in the paddock right next where these idiots torched the car...poor ponies must have been wondering what on earth was going on. Pity they can't talk!!
Tonight Fern and I were walking home from the stables and by the front door came across a poor little Red-browed Finch. It had hit the glass door and was fluttering around quite dazed. I picked him up, took some photo's and once he was a little steadier popped him back outside in a sheltered spot. He took a few minutes more to clear his head before flying off to find his mate.
bogged, burnt & left

Welsh B colt 'Nev'
Australian Red-browed Finch
Australian Red-browed Finch

Fern wondering what all the fuss is about

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