Monday, June 27, 2011


A frosty start to the most glorious day. Fern and I wandered over to put ponies out, clean stables and do the feeds. The little colt Nev had his first tie up lesson, what a good boy! We moved Ascot a young Welsh Mountain stallion to a fresh paddock and did the rounds.
Fern thinks she see's a Kangaroo

Fern making sure all is as it should be!

Cows and scrub reflected in the dam.

love this dam

Rivington Spring Rain reflected.

these jonquils still had beads of dew at nearly midday

Fern eager for lunch

Lady Creswick Breeders Trophy

I played netball on Saturday, my team lost but I managed a 'Best on court' so pretty proud of that. Belle had some vommiting bug so she didn't play or umpire. Home early to do night feeds and get ready to party with my dearest friend Cathy who was celebrating her 50th birthday. We have known each other since about grade 2. Had a great night and danced till 4 in the morning. Sunday was a day of recovery with Belle looking after me for a change.
I was going over to the Welsh AGM in Melbourne but had to change plans with Cathy's party so Mum went and was very proud to accept the 2010/2011 Lady Creswick Breeders Trophy. Lady C was a dear friend of my mothers and my first stallion Nattai Vychan was chosen by Lady C for me and delivered sight unseen. All the A's shown to win the trophy went back to either Vychan or most recent Nattai purchase N Little Gypsy. The National trophy came about in honor of Lady Creswick in 2005 and we were 2nd every year except 2009 when it became a state by state trophy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bits & pieces

A pretty uneventful morning but at least the sun is shining! Everyone including Fern were demanding their feed this morning. The raceways were a bit slippery to negotiate on our rounds after all the rain yesterday but the old Toyota is still doing the job....just!
Raceway after rain and lots of cows

the big dipper

Cows as far as you can see

Kikuya grass grows just about anywhere

Yakka with old and new flower stalks

Yakka tree


Thursday, June 23, 2011

A damp morning

Fern and I started our morning in sun which soon turned to misty showers. I handled the little weanling colt who is proving to be a very smart little chap. Cleaned the stables and then headed out to do the feeds. Quite un-eventful rounds. Took the Border Collies, Sally 13yrs old (Tri-color), Lottie 3yrs old (Red & White) and Maizie 1yr old (Blue Merle) out for a game of fetch and couldn't help but get some pics of them.

A damp morning

Rivington Springlane rising 2yr old Welsh Mountain colt

Border Collies playing fetch
Fern wanted to play too!

Maizie, Sally & Lottie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fern's stick

The sun is shining this morning which seems to have energised Fern who had a lovely time playing with a stick. Once I had put out ponies and cleaned stables, Fern and I headed off on our rounds (feeding and checking ponies).
Fern playing with a stick

Are you watching me?

Oh yes you are...aren't I clever!

Wide load coming through!

just needs a bit of adjusting

here I come

hang about what are those things in the sky?

Pen-nant Primetime (Welsh Cob Stallion) waiting to be fed.

A very new calf

and here comes his very protective mother!

next door neighbors Bull caught having a sleep out on the roadside

the beautiful head of Welsh B mare Rivington Flashtime

Red Gumboots

Yesterday afternoon Fern and I braved the mud and cold to work one of the ponies Rivington Rowena. She only needed a lunge today and as we finished my youngest daughter Isabelle came home from work. These photo's show Rowena all rugged up as I went to catch her and Fern with her red bandana with Isabelle and her red gumboots.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soggy Tuesday

The newly weaned Welsh B colt is the only one totally snug today in his stable. He is already wanting to come up and be friends, looks like he will have a terrific temperament.
Feed bins were blown all over the paddocks and some I had to retrieve from fast flowing creeks, ponies were all bouncing around trying to keep warm while I filled feed bins and threw out hay this morning.
Funniest thing was watching Fern (my 5 mth old Cairn Terrier) as she tiptoed through the water that was flooding across the walkway to the stables. Don't think she does water by the look on her face!

A very cold windy day by the looks and I have to venture back out later to tack Rowena up and give her a lunge.